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July 19, 2016

We did this little thing a while ago called “State of Travel Insurance.” You may have heard of it. It's our annual look at how travel will change in the upcoming year, how travelers view travel insurance, and what to expect out of the travel insurance market in the year ahead.

It’s only little to you, though. For us, it was a many-splendored thing — like love, but downloadable. And one of the splendors was being in the room while four of the smartest people in the business talked about topics vital to travelers.

Fortunately, the cameras were rolling and we caught everything. Now we’re sharing it in bite-size, topic-specific pieces.

This installment features the four smart guys — TravelSkills scion Chris McGinnis, InsureMyTrip CEO Jim Grace, MMGY Global President and CEO Clayton Reid, and BHTP President Dean Sivley — discussing the many and profound ways tech has changed travel.

It’s absolutely worth five minutes of your time – and that leaves you plenty of time to buy some great travel insurance.


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