ExactCare Extra® - International And Domestic Travel Insurance

What Is ExactCare Extra?

Flight insurance, trip cancellation coverage, global travel assistance, and more. With speedy claim processing and quick* payments, ExactCare Extra from Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection is all-in-one travel insurance that covers your whole trip, takeoff to landing.

  • Comprehensive coverage for trip cancellation and interruption

  • Available car-rental insurance (collision coverage)

  • Pre-existing conditions covered under travel health insurance (if purchased within 15 days of initial trip deposit)

  • Innovative fixed benefits (flat-amount payment) for lost luggage, missed connections, flight delays, and tarmac delays

  • Pic-and-a-click claim filing and quick* claim payments

Finally, there’s super-comprehensive, full-spectrum travel protection.

ExactCare Extra has fixed benefits for tarmac delay, missed connections, flight delays, and lost luggage, plus great travel medical insurance coverage. Get a travel insurance quote today!

Is ExactCare Extra Right For Me? 

Does your trip include lots of flights and other activities – sightseeing, hiking, water or snow sports, and perhaps a cruise? For all sorts of big trips, from adventure travel to cruises to crossing something off your bucket list, ExactCare Extra provides the most comprehensive travel insurance available anywhere. 

Why should I list my flights when buying ExactCare Extra?

If you provide your flight information prior to your departure date, flights can be tracked and claims can be automatically created on your behalf.
Flights must be added when purchasing ExactCare Extra, so if you don't have your flights yet and want to buy today, consider one of the other ExactCare plans when booking.

ExactCare Extra Coverage Details

100% of Trip Cost
150% of Trip Cost
$1,000 (Fixed)
$50 (Fixed)
$100 (Fixed)
$500 (Fixed)
$150 (Fixed)

Also from Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection

Our travel insurance plan lineup lets you choose your coverage, from travel health insurance to trip cancellation coverage to tarmac delay. Compare our plans and discover the best travel insurance for you. 

Get Paid For International And Domestic Travel Troubles. Fast.*

  • Thanks to our innovative flight tracking, many flight-related ExactCare Extra claims can be approved and paid automatically

  • Most other claims can be filed with a "pic-and-a-click” – on the go, without piles of forms

  • Have a problem with your claim? Live help is available worldwide (7 a.m.-7 p.m. Central Time M-F)

See What Our ExactCare Extra Customers Have To Say

five star rating

Excellent product and service
“BHTP is the best- we have used them for every trip in the last 5 years, and we have had to make claims twice. The process is fast, efficient, and customer service is superlative. Highly recommended!”

—Dawn G.

five star rating

“Your process was simple and easy. Having the insurance while out of the country gave me great peace of mind. Thank you. I will use your company again.” 

—John S.

five star rating

Great coverage
“Well worth the price! I had two very lengthy delays on my way to Europe. One was a 3+ tarmac delay, which was covered by the insurance. Highly recommend!”

—Laura S.

five star rating

Trip Insurance
“We filed a claim and it was expeditiously processed and paid. Will definitely use Berkshire hathaway travel Protection on future trips.”

—Adolf K.

Quick Claims. No Headaches.

  • Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection processes claims up to five times faster*

  • Most claims can be filed with a “pic and a click” – on the go, without piles of forms

  • Have a problem with your claim? Live help is available worldwide (7 a.m.-7 p.m. Central Time M-F)

* Subject to limitation and exclusion of the policy. 

** Based on industry average. Fastest payment on approved claims is based on electronic payment of claim. Speed of transaction varies by processing financial institution.