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Can I file my claim over the phone?

If you feel more comfortable talking to someone, you can call our claims call center and talk to one of our friendly travel insurance experts. We will help you start your claim and provide information on the required documentation needed for us to fully review your claim.


Our Claims Center is open Monday through Friday, 7 am – 7pm CST.

Phone number: 855-487-1745

What Information is Required When Filing My Claim?

The documentation required depends on the coverage you are claiming. Here are some general items you should gather prior to getting started on your claim.

Trip Invoice - Copy of trip invoice showing dates of travel, trip costs & payments for the trip.

Proof of Refunds Received - If applicable

Cancellation Penalties - Carrier's cancellation policy (Cruise line/Tour Operator/Airline) to support non-refundable portion being claimed.

Proof of Payment - Copy of credit card or bank statement if not already provided within trip invoice. Please blackout/redact your credit card/bank account number for privacy protection.