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Debating The State Of Travel: Millennial Travel Trends

By Kit KieferMarch 9, 2017

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If you know one thing about Millennials, you know that Millennials love to travel more than they love any of the rest of the stuff of life – and by the stuff of life we mean long scarves, IPAs and the latest Iron & Wine album.

Because Millennials love travel, they are a coveted audience for people who have travel stuff to sell – and that includes destinations, lodgings, travel agents, and travel insurers.

In the latest installment of our “Debating The State of Travel” video series, our four veteran travel experts – InsureMyTrip CEO Jim Grace, BHTP President Dean Sivley, TravelSkills chief Chris McGinnis, and MMGY Global President and CEO Clayton Reid – discuss how Millennials have changed travel, and how travel-stuff providers have to change if they want to reach this group of travel-happy hipsters.

Even if you're not a travel-happy hipster there's plenty to glean from today’s video. There's also a lot to like about BHTP travel insurance – and it's great for travelers of all ages.


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Kit Kiefer
Kit Kiefer

Kit Kiefer is a former travel writer for The New York Times and has more than 30 years of freelance experience writing about domestic and international travel. He blogs and produces content for Winbound, a content marketing firm.



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