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Debating The State Of Travel: The Role Of Social Media

By Kit KieferMarch 2, 2017

(Photo credit: Rachael Crowe via Unsplash.) 

Previously we were talking travel assistance and safety; today the topic swings around, as it inevitably does, to social media.

In the latest installment of our "State of Travel Insurance" videos, our travel experts – BHTP President Dean Sivley, InsureMyTrip CEO Jim Grace, TravelSkills scion Chris McGinnis, and MMGY Global President and CEO Clayton Reid – are talking about the role of social media in helping deciding where people travel and why, what they do once they get there, and perhaps most importantly, how social media can help them stay safe.

Social media also has a lot to say about travel insurance, actually, and travel-insurance companies have a lot to say about travel socially, which is why we invite you to follow @bhtp on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

Check out today's video and remember: There are many more great travel insights in the full "State of Travel Insurance 2019" report, which can be downloaded here. And while we're asking you to remember a lot of things today, this one's important: Check out our full line of travel insurance. It's good for you.


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Kit Kiefer
Kit Kiefer

Kit Kiefer is a former travel writer for The New York Times and has more than 30 years of freelance experience writing about domestic and international travel. He blogs and produces content for Winbound, a content marketing firm.



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