What Does Flight Insurance Cover?

Missed Connections

Does flight insurance cover missed connections? It can, if weather causes you to miss a connection or you experience a different flight mishap, you could be paid for your inconvenience.

Missed connections are one of the biggest headaches all travelers face. In the latest State of Travel
Insurance report, 23% of respondents said missed connections were a significant travel issue.

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The biggest reasons why most other travel insurance plans don’t cover missed connections are:

  • Covering missed connections requires knowing and tracking flights; and
  • Most travel insurance companies aren’t set up to do that.

The way Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection covers missed connections is through what’s called an “inconvenience benefit.” BHTP doesn’t pay for the cost of a flight; instead, it pays you a flat, fixed amount for your inconvenience.

Because you tell BHTP your flights before you fly, and because BHTP tracks those flights, it can detect that you’ve missed a connection quickly – sometimes before you even know yourself.

BHTP can then initiate the claims process and pay you in as little as a matter of minutes, to an account you specify.

This may not make up entirely for the fact that your flight just left without you, but it can certainly take away some of the sting.

Flight Delays

More than 6 million flights are delayed worldwide in an average travel year. That's a lot of delays.

The bad thing about flight delays is their downstream impacts. Flight delays can result in missed connections, and missed connections can result in you missing the boarding time for your cruise or the departure of your tour.

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection’s AirCare® pays you a fixed amount for your inconvenience if your flight is delayed more than three hours.

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Again, because
BHTP tracks your flights, it knows if your flight’s been delayed the required time, and can start a claim and pay you within a matter of minutes.


BHTP’s travel assistance can also come in handy during flight delays, helping you make alternative downstream arrangements – and even helping you catch up to a cruise or tour.

Flight Cancellations

Does travel insurance cover flight cancellations? It can with BHTP flight insurance.

Flight cancellations happen less frequently than flight delays – up to 4,832 domestic flights a month, according to the Department of Transportation – but they always seem to happen at the worst time: during the holiday rush, Spring Break, or right when you wanted to take a summer getaway.

Does traditional travel insurance cover for cancelled flights? Not usually. Flight insurance, however, will pay you an amount for your inconvenience, and then the travel assistance that comes with the insurance will help you find another flight.

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Because Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection tracks flights for its flight insurance customers, you don’t have to wonder whether you can claim on your travel insurance for a cancelled flight.

We know when your flight is cancelled and can initiate the claims process without any action required on your part, when you qualify for flight cancellation coverage.

How easy is that?

Tarmac Delay

Tarmac delays of more than two hours are uncommon, but they do happen – and they’re uncomfortable and inconvenient.

Fortunately, Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection flight insurance can detect tarmac delays, start a claim and pay it – in some cases before you’re even off the tarmac!

In addition, the travel assistance that comes with BHTP flight insurance can help make alternative arrangements if necessary – so you’re able to keep going once you land.

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Flight Diversion

Bad weather cause your flight to land at another airport?  Does flight insurance cover my change of plans? It can if your flight is diverted to another airport.

In the case of a flight diversion, AirCare will pay you for your inconvenience, and the travel assistance that comes with the plan will help find you lodging and make alternative travel arrangements, if necessary.

Late-Night Delayed Arrival

Similarly, arriving at your destination or an intermediate stop after a long day of flight delays and missed connections can be incredibly exhausting.

AirCare flight insurance may pay you a fixed amount for your inconvenience if you arrive 2:00 am or later after your original arrival date, can help find you alternative lodgings if necessary, and can also help you make alternative travel arrangements so hopefully the next leg of your travels will go smoother than the first.

Lost Luggage

Lost luggage is one of those “on top of everything else …” things. It can be the last straw for many travelers.

Flight insurance can make things a lot better for travelers who find themselves sans bags.

ExactCare Extra® has comprehensive protection for luggage. AirCare has a fixed payment that just requires you to snap a picture of your airline-issued claim check and a lost-baggage report to get things started.

Travel assistance can also help you find replacement items.

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Flight Insurance Covers A Lot - So Get A Quote!

Travel insurance provides a lot of peace of mind for not a lot of money.

Like everything else about flight insurance, getting a quote is fast and easy. It just takes a couple of minutes.

Fly safely … with flight insurance.