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March 16, 2017

We hope you've been faithfully watching our "Debating The State Of Travel" video series. The fact that you're here is a pretty good sign.

While 2017 is well under way, the story of the year has yet to be written, what with an on-again off-again travel ban, the unabated popularity of Airbnb, and the fact that airfares (especially to Europe) just keep getting lower, to levels that would make Freddie Laker proud.

This was filmed in January with our expert panel – InsureMyTrip CEO Jim Grace, MMGY Global President and CEO Clayton Reid, BHTP President Dean Sivley, and TravelSkills chief Chris McGinnis – so it's interesting to see just how much has changed in a matter of weeks. Travel moves fast, and travel trends move just as fast.

With that in mind, check out today's video (which includes a shoutout to many, including our friends at Dufl). Take heed to what they say – namely, that travelers are taking more expensive trips, and those trips need to be insured. Fortunately, we have the insurance for you. Funny how that works.

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