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Blue skies. No matter what.

Getting there, guaranteed.


It's simple.
It's groundbreaking.
It's finally here.

Insurance reinvented for the way we travel now.

Which makes it
ahead of its time.

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  • Real-time Monitoring

    Powered by the people and technology of MyAssist™, Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection tracks hundreds of flights and thousands of travelers simultaneously. So we can alert you to problems like a missed connection or flight delay before they happen.

  • Clickable Claims

    Making a claim doesn’t have to be difficult. For example, if you’re stuck on the tarmac for two hours or more, getting your $1,000 can be as easy as sending us a picture of your boarding pass.

  • Electronic Autopay

    Real-time trip monitoring means we can arrange payment straight to your account as soon as your policy is triggered. If your flight is seriously delayed you’ll get $50, so you can access a VIP lounge, purchase Wi-Fi or start a tab while you wait. That’s help delivered when it can help the most.

  • Assistance Anywhere

    Snowed in at O’Hare? Send us a text. Or a tweet. Message us on Facebook, chat with a MyAssist™ agent, make a call … you get the idea. AirCare concierge services are included, and our customer-service specialists are experts in travel assistance. So they can help you rent a car or find a place to sleep that’s not a bench at Gate 14.

Have questions? You can find us anytime, anywhere.